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Olumide Gbenro is a notable remote work influencer and digital nomad community builder. He is a recognized international social media advisor to celebrities, influencers, and olympians. He’s also a notable TikToker in Indonesia known for his viral videos where he speaks several languages. He is a multilingual businessman who has worked to grow & monetize the brands of some of the world's leading Entrepreneurs, and Startups. He has built a global network of influence from his personal brand that spans every continent. The average net worth of the companies he has worked with is over $4 million and the net worth of his elite network of investors is in the billions. His influencer & business networking events attract diverse audiences and take place in various international locations ranging from Tokyo, Japan to Los Angeles, California and Bali, Indonesia. His relationships with major networks of influence in the Americas, Asia, Europe and Africa provide the resources needed to help any of his clients gain the notoriety needed to take their game to the next level anywhere in the world




Episode 1 - 17 Year Old Influencer Casey Adams
On Episode 1 of The Global Business Podcast we learn from 17 Year Old Influencer, Personal Branding Expert Casey Adams on how To Monetize Your Personal Brand, networking effectively on Instagram and how he's been able to connect with some of the industry's top influential people such as Gary Vaynerchuk, Tai Lopez, and Gerard Adams.
Episode 2 - John D Saunders: How To Work With Fortune 500 Companies
On Episode 2 of The Global Business Podcast we learn from CEO of 5Four Digital, John D Saunders from Miami. With clients ranging from The Miami Dolphins and major car brands he's been able to parlay a corporate career to a multiple six figure marketing agency and he's certainly someone of authority to learn from. Enjoy.
Episode 3 - German Music Artist & Blockchain Enthusiast Tarren Waite
On Episode 3 we talk discuss the future of music and media and how blockchain technology is creating new income opportunities for artists & creatives around the world. We also discuss upcoming platform called Appics that rewards users for the time they spend on social media in Cryptocurrency.

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