How I Help Videographers Make 6 Figures Charging 3-12k Per Month To Run Lead-Generating Video Ads For Their Clients

Free Training Covers:
  • The exact step-by-step process my videography clients are using to generate new appointments and clients
  • How to beat out other videographers even if they have more experience than you
  • How to create a CONSISTENT and RECURRING income by giving clients what they value morethan high quality video
  • The Secret to working with your “perfect” clients and spending no time with time wasters fromyour business
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“Olumide and his team changed the game from me through his personalized training. Went from charging for one-off gigs to gaining my first client in a real estate niche that I’ll be working with for years to come. Blessed”


Olúmidé is a true craftsman. As a luxury real estate agent in the extremely competitive Southern California market he helped me grow my brand into a local celebrity as well as got me placed in key news releases for the sports & entertainment real estate industry which was crucial to growing my following. He worked with me 1 on 1 to curate my brand presence and high end video content for the properties & lifestyle that my buyers are accustomed to seeing. I’ve sold over 6 million in real estate the last 9 months and I’m so thankful for his help.
Rod Watson - Celebrity Real Estate Agent
Olúmidé helped me grow my following on Facebook along with help me become recognized among the entrepreneur community in San Diego. His dedication to his clients is something I truly admire and he has become a friend as well. Working with him has enabled me to grow my vet own dedicated following who I offer vale to and monetize through my private coaching and seminars.
Dr. Stephen Kalaluhi - Certified Business Coach, Forbes Council Member
Olúmidé helped me turn my chef career around through helping me grow my instagram and create a respected brand presence on instagram. Within the first week of working with him and the same day my website went up I got 2 high ticket private dinners booked. He knows how exactly what he is doing and I would highly recommend his expertise to anyone looking to make money from their brand.
William Winton - Celebrity Chef to NFL, NBA players & Celebrities

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Public Relations
Social Media Growth
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Public Relations

Appearances on local & national television and prominent magazines


My team and I will help you grow your following online through proven techniques and organic strategies

Monetize Your Content

We will be utilizing high-quality photography and videography on your social media to attract customers  in your niche

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